In 2012, over 10 years since my first college stint, I decided to go back to the books, take things a bit more seriously, and finish my Bachelors degree. I graduated magna cum laude from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2014, and in August 2016 I graduated with my master's of science in research psychology from the same institution, under the direction of my advisor, Ralph W. Hood Jr. I am currently pursuing my PhD in psychology as a student in the Brain, Belief, and Behaviour Laboratory at Coventry University in the United Kingdom, under the direction of my director of studies, Dr. Jonathan Jong, and advisors Drs. Miguel Farias, and Valerie van Mulukom. In addition, I am excited to announce I recently accepted a 3-year postdoctoral position in the Society & Cognition Unit at the University of Bialystok, Poland. I will be working on the EEA Norway Grant funded project, “Religion, Ideology, & Prosociality (RIP): Simulating Secularising Societies project,” led by Drs Konrad Talmont-Kaminski and LeRon Shults. As a member of the RIP research team, I will help design experiments and multi-agent artificial intelligence models of the cognitive and cultural factors that cause variations in secularization at the individual and societal level. In general, I study the psychology and cognitive science of religion, focusing on folks who don't believe in gods...atheists. I also have a daughter named Heather. 

Hiking with my daughter


Just another ordinary day conducting research with Ralph W. Hood Jr., Sally B. Swanson, Juan Cao, and yours truly.